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My Vitamix Blender is an Oldie, But Still a Goodie!

My Vitamix blender arrived in my kitchen back in 1992.   Always being the sort of guy on the look out for ‘bigger, better whatever’, my husband came home with it.  Heavy, solid, having both a wet container and a dry grains container, it hummed like a high powered dynamo, and reduced everything to either the smoothest of liquids or the finest of powders.  I was impressed!  Until he told me how much he paid for it.

It’s awful hard to remember what happened 20+  years ago or how much you paid for something, but it seems to me that our Vitamix cost us somewhere in the vicinity of $600.00.  Twenty years ago, that was a shocking price for a home blender!  But you know what?   I’m still using it and it’s never shown any sign of slowing down.  The white plastic housing has gotten yellow over time, and the inside of the containers have scratches and staining that just won’t come out, but it operates like the day my extravagant husband brought it home.  Am I pleased with my Vitamix blender?  You betcha!


So How Much Do They Cost?

Nowadays the price has come down a bit and you can buy one through the Vitamix website for between $249.95 US for a basic Legacy Series or Personal Series.  Or you can go as high as $619.95  for the Ascent version which is a programmable machine.  Ours is from the Legacy series that currently sells for around $449.95.

Not only can you make the creamiest smoothies, with every scrap of fruit or vegetable and including seeds, completely pulverized, but guess what?  You can even make a hot soup with them because the blades of the Vitamix blender rotate so fast that they create enough friction to heat up your ingredients to soup bowl ready!  How cool is that?  Oh, wrong word, okay, how hot is that?

It’s powerful enough to have a list of uses.  I’ve already mentioned the smoothies and hot soups, but add to that, baby food, nut butters, frozen desserts, batters, sauces, non-dairy milks, dips and spreads.

Designed for home use, our Vitamix Blender Model 5200 Standard has the following specs:

  • Dimensions: 20.5 x 8.75 x7.25
  • Blades:  Laser-cut, stainless steel that are 3” across
  • HP: 2 HP
  • Blade rotation:  39,000 RPM
  • Weight: 10 lbs. 9 oz.
  • Cord: 6 feet long

The Vitamix blender also comes with a tamper tool.  It fits through the opening in the top of the rubber lid.  This makes it easy to push break up blockages.    To be honest though, before I lost mine in one of our many moves, I don’t think I really used it all that much.  The rotation is so fast that it creates quite a draw that pulls everything down to the blades with relative ease.  As well, the tall, fluted sides of the container help to keep things moving around smoothly and efficiently.

Vitamix Blender can grind whole grains like wheat and coffee beans

And What About The Dry Grains Container?    

The dry grains container has slightly different shaped blades in it, that do a great job of moving the grains. That different shape keeps the grains bouncing around.  Not an engineer but that’s my guess.  Anyway, because I’ve never been overly interested in baking, this container wasn’t one that got much use in our home although I did experiment with it a few times.  I can see where someone might find it very useful if you were a fan of using different grains that might be unavailable as a flour.

Additional Design Features of the Vitamix Blender Are…..

It’s a heavy machine, but the rubber feet, in combination with the weight, help to keep it from moving across the counter.  On the top there is a sort of molded rubber pad that fits around the part that makes the blades inside the container spin. I guess you could call it a sort of gasket.  It’s purpose would be to cushion the hard plastic container and prevent rattling when it’s in use.  The beauty of that pad is that you can easily pull it off for washing.  Also easy  to clean up any bits or spills that happen when you’re using it.  And Putting it back on, very easy!

The Vitamix Warranty

The warranty on a Vitamix blender is seven years.   But we’ve had ours for 25 and never had any problems with it.  So yes, this is a dependable and durable machine that you’ll be happy to own.

Pre-Chopping Foods and Vitamix Blenders

Another thing that’s great about it is that you don’t have to waste time chopping things quite fine.  If you don’t mind listening to the clunking for a few seconds, it easily reduces 1” chunks of carrots to pulp or equally, reduces your soaked almonds when you’re making almond milk, to a wet slurry in a minute at high speed.   I would say too, that the noise the motor makes is not too bad, all things considered and the sound of any hard veggies hitting the sides of the container at the beginning is probably the worst of it.  Considering too, that it will be turned on for only a minute or two at the most, unless you’re making a pureed soup which would take about 6 minutes, the noise level is quite acceptable.

Vitamix Blender with assortment of fruits for smoothies

Is The Vitamix Easy to Clean?

Cleaning is also pretty simple.  After you’ve poured your smoothies or soup out, just add a drop of dishwashing liquid and some hot water, put it back on the base and give it a spin at top speed for about 15 seconds and voila, you’ve cleaned off any oils  or bits that might have adhered to the sides.  Then a thorough rinse in the sink and you’re done!  My only complaint is that the standard containers have never fit in any of my dishwashers even though they are dishwasher safe.  Just a little bit too tall to stand upright so that the jets got up in it.  But cleaning is so easy, that has never been an issue really.

And How Does the Vitamix Stack Up Against Other Blenders?

A website called Raw Food Life did a comparison review between the Vitamix Blender and another machine, both of which are used and loved by professional cooks, cook book authors and in retail ‘smoothie’ establishments, and the outcome was that they are equally matched  and terrific appliances.  As the 20 year owner of a Vitamix, I’m happy to tell you, that I’ve never regretted our purchase and if you decide that it’s time to grace your kitchen with a brand spanking new Vitamix that come in black, white or red (depending on which model you buy), you will never be dissatisfied.

Vitamix Blender use assorted colourful fruits and vegetables to make smoothies

An assortment of delicious fruits and veggies to choose from for your next smoothie health adventure!





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    February 20, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    I was thinking about upgrading our blender to a Vitamix! I hear nothing but great things, and as a smoothie lover myself, it’s essential in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply
      February 20, 2018 at 7:03 pm

      I would definitely buy another Vitamix if this one were to give up on me. They are great machines. Money well spent.

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