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Plant Based Lifestyle Q&A. Questions Anyone?

You're invited to a plant based lifestyle 'askmeanything' event

I’m extending an invitation to all of you, my dear friends, to come and participate in a marvellous online opportunity.  A chance to ask me any and all of your questions about living a plant based life style.

On September 4th at 2:00 Pacific Time, I’m going to host an event on very interesting website called AMAfeed.com.  On it are gathered, a fascinating lineup of people from all walks of life, who talk and share about all kinds of things.  The topics range from surviving abuse, to make a living as a model maker who specializes in miniatures, to how to throw a cannabis party!  I kid you not!  There’s representatives from the blogging world, the artistic community, educators….and moi!


Plant Based Lifestyle Questions Anyone?

You’ll be able to ask me anything you want about living a plant based lifestyle.  From going out to restaurants, sources of plant protein, to making substitutions in the kitchen or anything else that comes to mind.  In fact, I’ll be happy to chat on most anything that’s relevant to the topic, including environmental aspects.  Bring your questions and satisfy your curiosity.


Please Come! please, please, please….(utterly shameless right?)


AMAevent promotional invitation: Plant based Lifestyle Q&A


And there you have it!  It would be lovely to hear from  you there at my AMAevent.  (just click on the link and it’ll take you right there!)  Most noteworthy, it’s going to be a wee bit of an opportunity for us to get to know one another too, don’t you think?  I’m going to think positive and I shall see you there!  Finally, be safe, be kind and enjoy your day wherever you are!



(Hope to see you there!  Picture a smiling emoji here)



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