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An Inspirational Video, My Picks & Why

An Inspirational Video, My Picks and Why

Inspiration is one of those wonderful things that sneaks up on you isn’t it?  You’ll spend an afternoon, racking your brain over a problem.  You look at it from this angle, then that….and you get nothing.  Time wasted right?  So maybe you turn to the encouraging words of inspirational quotes or an inspirational video that tell you to never give up.  You watch one, maybe two and you still come up with diddly squat. Continue Reading →

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Dehydration, Discover 8 Strategies to Avoid It.

It sneaks up on you.  You’re running around, doing chores or errands, trying to remember everything that you have to remember.  And somehow, if you’re like me and so many others, one thing you can’t seem to lock into your brain is to drink enough water, every day.  Chronic dehydration has become the perpetual condition of your status quo.

I guess the one good thing about that is that you aren’t warming the toilet seat as often.   But considering the downsides to dehydration, not really a good thing.   I mean, you need lots of water for all kinds of functions. Continue Reading →

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Vegetable Soup Indian Style, Delicious!

illustrations of cooking utensils, Recipes For Success!

I think most of us have a favourite soup recipe.  Something easy and delicious that works every time.  Personally, whatever the veggies may be that you use, I think it all hinges on your seasonings.   Especially because it’s a soup.  So over the years I’ve developed this absolutely delicious and ‘uber-easy’ vegetable soup Indian style. Continue Reading →

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Decluttering Your Life With 13 Easy Tips

Decluttering Your Life With 13 Easy Tips


Decluttering your life?  Seems as though lots of folks are thinking about decluttering these days.  But in the context of organizing a life’s-worth-of-stuff in your senior years, ‘curating’ would also be a totally applicable word to use wouldn’t it?  It’s a great word, eh?  It makes me think of museums with huge collections of artifacts and symbols of past lives.   Shelves of things collected, all gathering dust where they lie.   Colours gradually losing their brightness  because of that silken, powdery grey shroud.  Gosh, sounds like my place before I’ve gotten around to the annual ‘dust-fest’. Continue Reading →

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The Blogging Routine for Beginner Bloggers!

Blogging Routine for beginners is the system that makes it easier for beginner bloggers

This will be my 32nd post on this blog which I started about a year ago.  Massive learning curve!  As I’ve been doing all the research and reading, the one thing that has eluded me is any kind of a blogging routine.  Haphazard, flying by the seat of my pants, hit or miss….all phrases that describe my process – in the beginning. Continue Reading →

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Amazing Value in a Vegan Belt, 3 Reasons Its Better Than Leather

Amazing value in a vegan belt, strong, good looking,

A couple or three years ago, my husband started mentioning how ratty his belt was starting to look.  He’d had it for enough years that he could say he got his money’s worth.  Naturally I noticed and after hearing it a couple times I was starting to feel good because somebody’s birthday was coming up you know!   And the answer to that age old question, “what can I get him?” had just presented itself!  It was time for the old to go and a new vegan belt take to it’s place! Continue Reading →

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Do You Have Trouble Accepting Gifts? 11 Reasons Why…

Why You Have Trouble Accepting Gifts: when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed maya angelou

I decided to write this post for the sake of all of you who have trouble accepting gifts.  Just on the face of it, that seems like kind of a ‘non-problem’ doesn’t it?  

Yesterday though, as I began researching this project, which necessitated reading a few other posts about the psychology of gift giving and receiving, I was amazed to notice how triggered I was about a lot of the things that I was reading.  Half the battle is knowing what you’re dealing with.  So let’s work our way through some of them and see where we come out shall we? Continue Reading →

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The Healthy Easy Lunch Idea You Need Now!

illustrations of cooking utensils, Recipes For Success!

I’ve always loved a healthy easy lunch idea because I’ve got so many other things on the go.   I don’t want ‘fuss’ at lunch.  Who’s got time for that right?  The dog needs walking, I need walking, there’s laundry, coffee later with a friend, picking someone up for a trip to the doctor!  Let’s face it, there are a million and one obligations that get in the way of intensive lunch prep.  So what do you do?  You look for tasty and supremely easy ideas for a bite to eat at lunch time. Continue Reading →

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