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GDPR Compliance Made Easy!

But I Just Want to Write on a caution sign.

Are you a blogger who’s beginning to get night sweats just thinking about GDPR compliance (otherwise known as General Data Protection Regulation)?  I totally feel your pain!  Having only started setting up my blog about a year ago,  I’ve been working on it for a while.  Before that, my computer expertise basically amounted to reading entertaining posts, following Huffington Post for my daily dose of news and saving pretty pictures on Pinterest.  But then I got the blogging bug.

I did a lot of reading before I started  it up and before beginning the process of customizing.  But as I’d read several times, there comes a point where you just have to jump in and start doing it.  So I got busy, wrote a post, figured out how to publish it and then watched the error messages begin rolling in.  Does anybody know what I’m talking about???  And that’s purely rhetorical because I KNOW you do.


When Does the Fun Start???

Anyway, one at a time, I stumbled through each fix, wiped the sweat from my brow and grumbled about when all of this might possibly begin to run smoothly.  And slowly over time, I began to notice a slight glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  The word ‘relieved’ doesn’t begin to describe how I was feeling.


GDPR Compliance?  Oh My….

Until I started reading mumblings and grumbling’s about GDPR compliance.  Not that I got worked up right away.  I guess I didn’t understand enough to realize the ramifications of these new regulations.  Ignorance is most definitely bliss.  But the more I read, the more concerned and confused I became.

One of the best things about my blogging experience, has been the chance to become part of several Facebook groups that are dedicated to helping bloggers just like me as we pick our way through the background stuff of blogging.  I’m pretty sure that I don’t have to tell some of you about these groups.  Like that they’re made up of a lot of beginners like me, but they also each have dedicated experts that are absolutely wonderful people.  Experienced folks who are all about advising, teaching and encouraging those of us who are struggling to make sense of it all.  I just can’t say enough about all them.  If I was a party throwing sort of person, I’d love to throw a big bash just to say thanks to all of them!GDPR Compliance made easy, let an EU lawyer show you how, get the full scoop on what's required.


GDPR Compliance and Tinylovebug’s,,,

One of the groups that I belong to, called Tinylovebug,  is run by a trio of great women, Lucrezia, Marina and Emma.   The reason I mention them in  this post on the topic of  GDPR compliance, is that Lucrezia just happens to be a lawyer with a PhD in EU law, has taught EU law at several universities and has a slew of other qualifications that make me very glad to have ‘discovered’ her and this group.  All of which is pretty comforting when it comes to taking advice from her on this issue.  In case you’re interested in joining up with this group, I’ve included the link here.

While there was a lot of discussion in the group on what GDPR compliance was going to require and who did it apply to and so on, Lucrezia was also, fortunately for me, busy writing a course about the topic.  I was very excited, because when I heard it was coming, I knew it was going to be good.  Easy to understand, well laid out……and I wasn’t wrong at all!


Lucrezia has laid out her GDPR Compliance course in 8 Modules and covers the following topics:

  • an introduction to the course and what it’s territorial scope will be.
  • the purpose of the new GDPR compliance requirements.
  • how to know if they apply to you.
  • what constitutes consent.
  • discussion about the expanded rights of those who use websites or read blogs as it pertains to their information.
  • yours and my obligations as bloggers or in this case, as collectors of peoples data.
  • the steps need to become compliant to these new regulation.
  • reasons for GDPR compliance requirements and penalties for those who run afoul of them

Making Sense of GDPR Compliance. GDPR For Bloggers

What else does the course offer?

Then there’s two more sections.  One is  for those of you who have all kinds of time and are maybe the kind of people who like to read the fine print on contracts.  Lucrezia has included the words of the documents themselves so that as you are reading, you can check out the exact wording of this ‘thing’ that has been giving us fits.

The last Bonus section, which I think I appreciated maybe even a little more than some of the modules, is all about the kinds of changes that you and I need to make on our blogs.   If you’re as new as I am to all of this and still struggling between a ‘glimmer of understanding’ and ‘complete confusion’, sometimes you need to have it laid out for you.  No guessing involved, just ‘show me where to click the darn button’ kind of thing right?

So Lucrezia has provided 5 super easy to use templates with prompts to tell you what to put in the blank space, as well as three lists of ‘other’ but equally important information.


And there you have it!  Exactly what the doctor ordered, in order for you to come up to code on GDPR compliance.  Written by an expert and a teacher of EU Law, easy to understand and implement!  What more could you ask?

And now the question.  Am I glad that I did this course?  Well, just looking back, it’s taken a confusing but unavoidable new requirement and made it simple to understand. I know what my obligations to my readers are and how to decide which changes and improvements I needed to make and how to do them.  So yeah, I’m definitely glad that I took the course.  By nature, I’m a pretty cautious person and the idea of ‘winging it’ when it comes to legal stuff is too hair raising to comprehend don’t you think?

So one more time….


  1. Introduction to the course and Territorial Scope.
  2. Purpose of the GDPR compliance requirements.
  3. If these requirements apply to you.
  4. What is ‘Consent’.
  5. The Rights of your Readers and Subscribers.
  6. Your Obligations as a Blogger.
  7. How to Achieve Compliance.
  8. Reasons and Penalties for GDPR compliance failure.
  9. Documents: General Regulations regarding Data Protections.
  10. Data Protection Working Guidelines (document)
  11.  Regulations on Privacy and Electronic communications (document)
  12. Privacy Information pertaining to Australia (document)
  13. Infographics
  14. Documentation Templates
  15. Privacy Policy Template
  16. Cookie Pop up Template
  17. Sign Up Forms Template
  18. Subscribers Re-Validation Template



Can I just pull the covers over my head and pretend it isn’t there?

Face it, this isn’t something that we can avoid.  GDPR compliance is part of modern life now.  So the best thing we can all do, is accept it and then get informed so that we all know how to protect ourselves.

And then carry on writing the wonderful blogs that you’ve started and enjoying the process with no nagging fear that you might have missed an ‘i’ to dot or a ’t’ to cross.  I really hate that feeling don’t you.  It’s like when you get half an hour’s drive from your house and then start wondering if you turned off the stove!  The beauty of this course is, it’s almost like being able to say, “Alexa, did I turn off the stove”.  (for those of you who might be blogging on survivalism from a cave in the Rocky mountains, Alexa is Amazon’s new digital assistant- just in case you’ve been too busy writing your blogs and agonizing over this regulation change).

There you have it, my opinion and experience with  a course meant to help bloggers and especially the newest of us.  So if you’ve been struggling with what to do about your own GDPR compliance or have finally figured out what actions you’ll be taking, I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say!  Share your thoughts and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, be safe, be kind and enjoy your day wherever you are!



As well I should mention,  this post does contain an affiliate link.  That means that if you decide to take this course, I’ll receive a commission, at no extra cost to you.  But just as I promised ,  I will only be endorsing products, services or merchants that I’ve personally used or tested.  Also I promise that overall, they’ll only be great products or great people to do business with.  Any information given or opinions shared on any pages of this website are my personal views.  I would also always encourage you to do additional personal research should you plan on making a purchase, etc.   Thanks and have a great day, wherever you are.



I may have a financial relationship with some of the merchants that I mention and my blog posts may have affiliate links.  This means that at no extra cost to you, I may receive some compensation if those affiliate links happen to generate a sale.

But I promise too, that I will only be endorsing products, services or merchants that I’ve personally used or tested.  Also I promise that they’ll only be great products or great people to do business with.  Any information give or opinions shared on any pages of this website are my personal views.  I would always encourage you to do additional personal research should you plan on making a purchase, etc.

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