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An Electric Knife Sharpener Guarantees Results


Choosing which electric knife sharpener is probably  going to be the hardest thing about your decision to buy one.  Deciding to buy it is a no-brainer and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve always been a do-it-yourself-er type person.  So when my kitchen knives would begin to squish the tomatoes instead of slicing through them, I’d pull the sharpening steel out of the drawer and give it a go with that.  Until then,  I’d forget about sharpening until my big knife was about as sharp as a butter knife.  After about five minutes of working on first one side, then the other, I’d finally admit to myself that I wasn’t really any further ahead.  My tomatoes were still turning into a sauce on the cutting board.

Maybe part of the problem when I would finally resort to it, is that sharpening steels or honing steels as they are often called,  aren’t designed to return an edge to a knife but to maintain the edge that you have.   But of course, when you don’t do something well, it’s easier to put it off until you have no choice but try to take care of the problem.


What Can You Learn on the Internet?  How About Knife Sharpening?

Well you can learn anything on the Internet right?  So I’d pull up a couple of Youtube videos on how to sharpen your knives.  I’d Electric Knife Sharpener, Guarantees Results. Tomatoes, Kniveswatch intently to see what I was doing wrong.  What is the right way to use those things, am I holding it at the precise, perfect angle and more pressure, less pressure?  Then I’ld try again.  Still with limited success.  That was usually the point where I’d call my husband and somehow, he’d manage to get some kind of an edge back on it so it was at least better than what I started with

It all changed the day he brought home a little electric sharpener!  I fell in love with this thing and think everyone who cooks should have one.  Even if you hate cooking, having an edge on your knives takes one of the aggravations out of the process.

There are several different kinds of electric knife sharpeners.   I have a Chef’sChoice Hybrid 220 and I find that it is perfectly suitable to the average home kitchen.   There’s also  a Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect that has the capability to sharpen both Western knives and Asian knives which have a slightly sharper angle to them (15 degree as opposed to our 20 degrees).   Of course there are numerous other brands and Chef’sChoice has several models,

What Can a Basic Electric Knife Sharpener Do?

The Chef’s Choice Hybrid 220 is a little electric knife sharpener model that can be used both with electricity or manually.  Although if you have an electric sharpener why would you bother with the manual?  I suppose if the power went out and you were craving a sliced tomato?  Anyway, it has two knife guides, has 100% diamond abrasives and sharpens both straight edges as well as serrated.  So whether it’s kitchen knives or sports or pocket knives, it will do the job beautifully.


I’ve had mine for about ten years now and it’s still working great.  And at $59.99 thru Amazon, is about mid range in price.  As you can see on the following link to the sales page with Amazon, it has 4.5 stars out of 59 reviews, so not bad at all.


Electric knife sharpener guarantees safer sharper edge, sliced tomatoes, knivesEvery Kitchen Should Have One of These!

I think an electric knife sharpener is an item that every kitchen should have.    Whether you are a gourmet cook or simplyChopping veggies can be dangerous but an electronic knife sharpener makes it safer, read more here someone who’s there in the kitchen because well, you have to eat you know.  You only really begin to appreciate having a sharp knife in the kitchen  when you finally have one and get to take it out for a test drive.  And then you’re asking yourself, ‘how could I have gone so long without you my little sharpener?  Cutting it close?  Only with my Chef’sChoice Knife Sharpener!

So there you have it!  The next (and one of the best) purchases you could make for your kitchen.  I guarantee that you will appreciate this little gadget every last time you use it.  I’ll tell you what, after you’ve picked your favourite, whichever brand you chose, whatever model you decide on, don’t forget to come back and leave a comment and let others know how great it is.  Or how happy you are that instead of the sharpening steel, you’ve graduated to a better electric knife sharpener.


Love to you all and have a great day, wherever you are!




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