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Is a Simple Skin Care Routine On Your Radar?

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Skin care routine on your mind?   We all have  some kind of program you know.  Anything ranging  from just water, to soap and water to an amazing assortment of products.  And every one of those products promises to not only clean your skin but reduce acne, brighten your complexion and smooth and soften (and make invisible???) the  craggy wrinkles that inevitably mar our youthful features, turning us into clones of our moms.

And then there’s menopause!  Just like it contributed to our mothers looking like ‘old women’, it’s going to have an effect on our skin. It’ll thin, loose its elasticity and become drier.  Sometimes it seems like there are parts of my body that suck the lotions in like the Mojave desert absorbs the rain!  If I listen carefully, I think I can almost hear a ‘slurping’ noise as I slather them on.


dry aging skin needs your help. Skin care should include exfoliation, cleaning, protecting


At the same time, as the deep tissue produces new skin cells which migrate to the surface, the outer layer is dying off. Hopefully the old cells are shedding.  But the older we get, the more uneven the whole process is.  This results in rough, dry patches and general dullness in our complexions.  And it’s the reason we might need to include regular exfoliation in our skin care program.

A good skin care routine works to smooth, clean and protect your skin.  Now soap might take care of the cleaning part, but why not resort to something that does all three?


So as the oils in your skin reach the surface, they collect the dust that’s drifting in the air.  It begins to clog and harden in your pores.  And that can lead to black heads, inflammation and ultimately bacterial infections resulting in pimples.  Taking all these factors into consideration, you really do need a skin care routine that goes beyond water or especially, soap and water.

Of course, it also depends on your skin type.  Dermatologists will tell you to select a type of exfoliation practise and product that suits you.  If your skin is thicker or oilier, they might suggest a more aggressive program which could include chemical peels, etc.  But if it’s very dry and sensitive as it is for some of us, than even a washcloth can provide enough of an effect.  If you’re not certain, get some professional advice as to which system of skin care would be best for your complexion.

Ageless at Sixty: Are You Looking For a Simple Skin Care Routine


While you’ve already gotten some expert advice about purchasing a good, basic assortment of makeup, I’m going to suggest something that is as close as your kitchen, to use even before you get to the makeup!

There are lots of things I like to keep uncomplicated and my skin care routine is one of them.  The only thing I use to remove makeup, clean my skin and smooth away the rough stuff, is a combination of olive oil, baking soda and my favourite essential oil, which happens to be cinnamon oil.  The essential oil is included because they’ve been shown to have amazing antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral benefits.  

Now strangely enough, olive oil is amazing for it’s ability to soften and clean away things like tree pitch, tar.  It will even get glues and gums out of your hair!  So it can fit in wonderfully as part of your skin care program.  It softens the dirty little plugs of old oil in your pores, making it easier to wash it away as well as getting any makeup and especially mascara off your face.

Are you looking for a simple skin care routine? Easy to do, guaranteed results


Ageless at Sixty: skin care oil cleansing

Coloured glass jars to store carrier and essential oils away from sunlight is very important.

Recipe for Super Simple DIY Facial Scrub

1/8 cup of olive oil

1/2 tablespoon of baking soda

2-5 drops of your favourite essential oil

1 glass container to hold your DIY product

Combine your ingredients in a clean glass container.  Put the jar’s lid on, give it a good shake and you’re all set.   Store this container in a drawer or the medicine cabinet of your bathroom.


How to Use This Super Simple DIY Facial Scrub

So start by dipping your fingertips in the oil and begin working it around your eyes and eyelashes.  Your skin there, is very delicate so light touch eh?

After you’ve finished gently massaging this area, dig a little deeper in the container so that you pick up a bit of the baking soda from the bottom.  Ageless at Sixty: Skin Care Routine On Your Mind?Alternately, you could give the closed container a vigorous shake and before it has time to settle, dip your massaging fingers in again to just barely catch some of the floating baking soda.  This will give you a much lighter application.  I was thinking about it too, after all the reading that I’ve done on the topic, that it would probably be a good idea to do a ‘heavier’ cleanse about once a week and just make use of the lighter cleansing the rest of the time.

I’ll spend a few minutes spreading it around my whole face.  If you try this you’ll notice the abrasive feeling that is taking the rough, dead skin away.  You’ll also feel your face warming just a little bit from the improved circulation.

Another little tip, as you’re massaging your face, tense up your facial muscles.  That holds your skin a little tauter so that you aren’t stretching it overly much.  Pulling and stretching might be good during your yoga practise, but when it comes to your face, it can cause puffiness, broken blood vessels and yes!  More wrinkles!  And that’s the last thing we need right!

Follow all of that up by rinsing, rinsing, rinsing with very warm, fresh water.  Keep repeating until the majority of the oil is gone and  finish by patting your face dry.  You’ll notice a slight residual oiliness, but your skin will absorb it pretty quickly.

Again, exfoliating isn’t something that I’d do every day.  Once a week is more than enough because sometimes ‘less is more’.  You don’t want to cause problems on your face by over indulging even in good things right?


There Are Other DIY Home Facial Scrub Recipes, but….

Is a simple skin care routine on your radar?  Are you looking for a safe, effective routine?There are other types of DIY recipes for Home Facial Scrubs.  But I like this one because it’s just about the simplest to make.  All you have to do is mix three  ingredients and you’ve made a product that is safe and effective to use in your skin care routine.  It not only removes your old makeup gently, but it can exfoliate and then moisturize and provide a protective barrier against drying and airborne bacteria.




You might also want to have a favourite product on hand as well, for the days when you just feel like something different!  I’ve always liked the derma brand of skin care products and their Microdermabrasion Scrub is perfect for as a stand in for those days when you want a little extra pampering.    Love it!  They make so many nice creams and lotions.

I hope you found this informative and helpful.  And if you decide to give it a try, or you have your own favourite DIY Facial Scrub recipe, I would love to hear about it. With all the wonderful aromatic plants and essential oils out there, I’m pretty sure there are other favourite combinations.  So by all means, share with us!



Keep in mind that the FDA hasn’t so far evaluated these statements. But researchers have studied the various benefits of essential oils.  These products and ingredients are not intended to diagnose or treat or prevent any disease.

As always, I remind you that while I’ve spent the last 20 years focusing on and learning to ‘grow’ my own health, I’m not a medical doctor.  What I’m sharing here is based on my own experiences and the things that I’ve learned from the real experts!  Those are the researchers and doctors who’ve seen the actual patients, worked in the labs and clinics and written the medical reports.

My goal is to motivate and help you find your best way to live a healthier and more peaceful life.  I and Ageless at Sixty cannot be held liable for any resulting injury or adverse change in health status.  You are always encouraged to work closely with your own doctor in addressing specific health issues.

As well, this blog and each post may contain affiliate links.  That means that if you buy something through them, I will receive a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Ageless at Sixty-skin care using essential oils

7 Anti-bacterial Essential Oils to Use on Your Skin

Cinnamon– potentially one of the best essential oils to combat bacterial pathogens

Eucalyptus-great antiseptic properties for treating abrasions and wounds,

Peppermint – has a cooling effect and is useful for it’s antiviral and antibact. and anti fungal

Lavender-a soothing fragrance and also a powerful agent against bacteria and infection and inflammation

Tea Tree Oil– safe enough to apply directly to your skin, it’s also a powerful agent against fungus, bacteria and virus’s but shouldn’t be taken internally.

Bergamot– With it’s sunny citrus smell, it is very effective at fighting many types of bacteria and various infectious agents.

Lemongrass– gentler than lemon juice, it is a powerful antibacterial antiseptic and anti fungal.

Oregano – This essential oil offers immune support and is extremely effective at bacterial control

(Note:  It’s always a good idea to do a little patch test with any new essential oil that you decide to try.  Just rub a tiny spot in some unseen area and watch for 24 hours in case you have any type of sensitivity.  Some people do and I’m sure you’d like to have that rash under your sleeve rather than all across your face.  So test first.  More information on these essential oils can be found here.)

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